Frank Olbrich

MSc (Arch), GSAP, RAIA, Registered Architect ACT 2305 VIC 16775


Frank is a senior architect and associate of the practice. He is a confident and competent project leader who will deliver on all key project objectives. Frank is also very thorough and works strongly with the project stakeholders and specialist contributors to ensure careful resolution of all technical and regulatory requirements.


Frank brings a depth of experience to The Peppermint Room having contributed comprehensive architectural services on projects up to $120m in the institutional, residential, education, health and community sectors since he joined the practice in 2008. This builds on experience he gained working on significant projects in Austria (2002-2004) and Melbourne (2004-2008).

Frank is a ‘details and delivery’ man. He is purposeful and focused on producing end products that are fully brief compliant. Frank thrives on the client interaction and teamwork that makes it possible to realise ideas in buildings that are both functional and beautiful. A leader in the practice, Frank is relied upon for his outstanding technical, logical thinking and problem solving skills. Frank’s concern for and attention to every small detail helps ensure the integrity of each built environment.


Frank analyses architectural elements of the surrounding built environment with the aim to grow and to enhance the quality of the built environment. Even in the worst buildings there are approaches that proved successful and there are others that serve as great examples of how not to do something. Having said that, he appreciates Modern Architecture, with its focus on functionality and clean lines.

Frank’s problem solving skills were first evident, when at age 7 he started taking clocks apart and putting them back together. With all those tiny pieces on the table in front of him he saw a certain chaos to which he was able to bring order.

Next on Frank’s horizon is the building of a commercial scale Passivhaus.

Energy efficient buildings that leave a minimal ecological footprint are his passion.

At workday’s end, Frank is happy relaxing with his family and friends, spending time in the garden or playing chess. You can also find Frank channeling his inner Picasso as he dabbles in the art of abstract painting.