The Peppermint Room team is skilled in providing a range of services, including Concept, Design development and Documentation for approvals and construction. We offer design mentoring and are experienced in colour consultancies for both Interiors and Exteriors. As a professional design practice we pay the utmost attention to each client’s needs and make sure our projects are managed with strict reference to the brief, budget and time frame.

We strive to apply green design to all projects. Our commitment to sustainable design means that we can reduce the negative impact that buildings have on our environment while creating healthier and more energy efficient spaces for our clients and building occupants.


As a sub-division of SQC Architecture we are fortunate to always have a team of Architects available to assist us with any architectural elements involved in a project. Our Architects specialise in Heritage and Access and are a valuable resource. Thanks to this relationship, no project is too large or too small! You can see more of our collaborations on SQC Architecture’s website.


We are Graphic Artists, as well as Interior Designers. We can design and develop your graphic image at the same time as your fit-out to provide a strong, cohesive statement.  We also excel in identifying potential in existing fit-outs, and designing inexpensive graphics to create maximum impact.

Curio Service

We have developed a curios service to find the right accessories or statement pieces to enhance any space. Decorating with these often unique and unusual pieces, can remind us of different times, cultures or historic events and be an inexpensive way to give any space a facelift.  It also offers an opportunity to create interest, display personality, and invoke a sense of ownership like that in a home environment.

The Peppermint Room often sources and procures art work from local galleries/artists and art banks and can create an artwork concept to complement any interior. We are competent in organising framing and installation for chosen works and capable of selecting a combination of originals, prints, photographs and commissioned artwork based on a budget.