Taylor Primary School

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Following the closure of Taylor Primary School in 2012 due to structural damage, the ACT Education Directorate invested $13.0m to rectify, refurbish and renew the school, including the incorporation of a new early childhood centre.

The collaboration of SQC Architecture and The Peppermint Room created a vibrant, modern educational environment that combined opportunity for the latest pedagogy and reflections of the natural attributes of nearby Mount Taylor.

Enhancements and expansion to the original school included; comprehensive refurbishment of the building envelope, a new welcoming entrance, new flexible learning environment (FLE) as well as a refurbished hall and learning spaces. In addition to layout design and selection of finishes, The Peppermint Room also designed graphics for the entrance space and FLE.

AWARD: Australian Institute of Architects 2014 ACT Awards – Education Prize

Photographs by Ben Andrews

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