Compass Fertility Clinic

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We were engaged to assist in the fitout of the fertility clinic located within the Realm Hotel development in Barton, ACT. The brief for the clinic, which boasts a laboratory, scientists’ office, transfer and collection rooms, two consulting spaces, private waiting area with breakfast bar and staff amenities, was to create a 5 star hotel atmosphere.

Working in collaboration with SQC Architecture, we drew on the client’s inspiration from the Egyptian fertility goddess “Isis” to develop a colour palette of royal blues and sandy gold. Curved elements were included to give the interior a sense of intimacy and movement with feature panels of papyrus and perspex used to create unique privacy screens. Concealed lighting was used throughout to soften and inspire and contributes to an overall feeling that is representative of a living room rather than a waiting room.

 The Fertility Clinic was shortlisted within the Commercial Interior category of the 2009 Dulux Colour awards.

“Although this is a medical practice, we were going for a 5 star hotel feel rather than a stark sterile environment. I think that it is a real achievement! All the patients say "Wow!" this is really beautiful. They say that they feel really comfortable. “
Office Manager

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