Alyssa Valenton

Alyssa Valenton

Alyssa Valenton

Bachelor of Interior Design, Master of Design

interior designer

Alyssa is a passionate interior designer who has widespread experience and knowledge. She has worked internationally, and is particularly skilled in commercial interior design. Alyssa is often the design professional responsible for projects and draws on support as needed to complete the task.


Alyssa gained her degree in Interior Design in her home country, the Philippines, taking inspiration from her parents who were architect and interior designer.  She worked for five years with two large architectural firms before furthering her studies and work experience in Singapore, completing a Masters in Design - Interior Design.

Alyssa joined The Peppermint Room in December 2015. Previously working in offices of over 200 staff, she is really enjoying the personal, small business feel of our team.

On hearing about the Visa Skilled State Sponsorship opportunity Alyssa became interested in moving to Australia. She thought Sydney and beaches. Her agent encouraged her to think about Canberra and she is very happy she chose our Nation’s Capital. She finds the people friendly, the city clean and beautiful and the ease of getting around and lack of traffic congestion appealing. Plus she can still travel to the beach.

Strongly believing interior design impacts people as they relate to each other and assists in creating a harmonious atmosphere, Alyssa is passionate to bring this into reality in commercial environments. She is well skilled in residential design but it is commercial design that has her passion and particular interest.


When not engaged in interior design, Alyssa loves to spend time with her much loved Staffy Cross dog Taco.